Tuesday, October 7, 2014


 Returning, over a year after the raid on July 13, 1863, Thomas Warren (Rogers Cemetery, Rogers, Benton County, Arkansas) made what would be the last run by Quantrill's guerrillas through the German settlement at Concordia, Lafayette County, Missouri.
  Excerpt from Robert Frizzell's 1977 article regarding the numerous Lafayette and Saline county raids: "The night of October 9, 1864, a hundred bushwhackers camped somewhere near Brownsville (renamed Sweet Springs in the 1880s). The next morning Quantrill's men, led by David Poole and George Todd, decided to attack the German settlement lying to their west (in the Concordia area). About 50 Germans responded to the cow horns and arrived at the Lutheran Church. They divided into two groups -- one rode east to aid Germans who had set an ambush at Davis Creek, and the other group went to guard a ford. The first group encountered the hundred guerrillas near the present town of Emma. Only one of the Germans survived. The bushwhackers smashed each of the 24 victim's skulls with a gun butt or club." 

  On May 7, 2012, genealogist and Civil War historian, James Baker Jr. come up HUGE and sent me a fascinating and valuable find regarding some of the German men of the community actually PINPOINTING Thomas Warren's guerrilla activity in a letter to Major General Rosecrans! The letter reads like this:
                                                                                                   Lafayette County,
                                                                                                     Freedom Township
                                                                                                 State of Missouri
                                                                                                 August 16, 1864
                        Major General

                                                             We the humbly undersigned german citizens from Lafayette County respectfully represent to you: that a certain Thomas Warren, who is taken a prisoner in North Missouri and sent to St. Louis as a guirilla, has been a citizen of this county, that we know and may prove, that he has been during the war an outlaw, engaged in various robberies and murders, and pray for this end  " that said Thomas Warren be punished to the fullest extent of the law.
                                                                                         we are
                                                                                        very respectfully
                                                                                    your obeident servants

                                                                                Fredrich Bruns   L. Hinkel
                                                                                       J.H. Walkenhorst
  Thomas was no longer a prisoner at the time of the October 10, 1864 raid. And in an ironic twist.... Fredrich Bruns (gravestone pictured above) was one of those killed by the guerrillas.
  Over time, this raid has been referred to as the "Emma raid" due to it's proximity to Emma, Missouri. Recently, a brand new and quite sizable monument has been erected on the raid site by descendants of the German men killed during the guerrilla raids. The Sedalia Democrat news did a story on the upcoming unveiling ceremony of the monument.
  Here is that article: http://www.sedaliademocrat.com/news/home_top-news-photo_gallery/50391926/Monument-marks-Emma-massacre

  That's all for now, folks! As I had hinted to you in a contact email, there will be another update very soon regarding a guerrilla in northwest Arkansas that wasn't under Quantrill / Anderson and he participated in a  very well known Missouri battle! Stay close! And I'll see you again very soon!